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Your above ground pool liner is the 2nd most important component to your  pool!


If your pool will not hold water, or you find you’re poking a hole in the liner every time you get in, your pool will never last Pool and Spa Depot decided over five years ago not to sell above ground pool liners based on the thickness. We all know you can cheat the system by running your liner though an embossing machine, making the liner appear thicker, but weigh less. Our vinyl liners weigh more than any other liner on the market. Our 24 ft. round weighs in at over 106 pounds while the competition is only about 60 lbs. That’s a 40% heavier liner than the competition.


Let’s look at the liner life span and save some money!

  • When comparing the purchase of your Pool and Spa Depot liner to the industry standard liners (calculated over the life span of the liner), our liners usually last 10-15 years. The other liners typically last 2-5 years. Both incur the same cost for installation, water, and labor.
  • 40%-80% heavier in both weight and thickness.
  • Same weight and thickness on both the sidewall and the bottom.
  • Made of a heavier vinyl material and will last 50%-90% longer.
  • Protect the sidewall and bottom of the liner from tears, rips, punctures and holes.
  • With higher levels of plasticizer, our liners will remain flexible throughout the life of the pool liner, providing wrinkle-free installation and minimizing UV fading.

Our liners are measured in mil, a true measurement. Don’t be confused by the liner gauge “games” played with most common liner companies. Some will call their liner “20 gauge” when they only measure 10 mil.


All of our liners are 100% made in America. Inground liners are strong and durable, easy to clean, soft to the touch, and look amazing. We offer a standard pool liner in multiple design patterns, as well as a premium beaded liner that fits right into a track. The beaded liner will allow you to build a deck around the pool any way you like. The liner fits inside of the pool, and not over the top of the pool like the competition offers.

When you speak with your Pool & Spa Depot design specialist you can expect to be shown all of your options to determine which liner and pattern will work best for your new pool.


Now let’s learn about the 3rd and most important component: why our customer’s buy an above ground pool from Pool and Spa Depot!

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