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Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

The outdoor design team Pool and Spa Depot specializes in helping you find the perfect fireplace for your outdoor living area. After we help you find it, we install it with finesse and attention to detail.

With a custom fire pit built into your patio, you introduce a social element that didn’t exist before. Since a fireplace is a central point for conversation, the future pool parties and outdoor celebrations you have will last longer and be better overall. When you incorporate a fireplace into your outdoor living mix, everything and everyone benefits from it. The light from the fire makes your pathway glow, your pool water shine and keeps your friends and family warm.

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After installing hundreds of custom fire pits throughout Nashville, Cool Springs, Brentwood and Franklin, we’ve perfected the art of design and installation. Because no fireplace is the same, you have many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose a round fireplace, towering fireplace, stone fireplace or brick fireplace. And these are only a few options. We can literally create any kind of custom fire pit you want.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Living HardScapes Pic2Every great patio has a beautiful outdoor kitchen that matches the look and feel of the fixtures and materials around it. With an outdoor kitchen, your patio becomes the go-to place for outdoor parties, picnics, and conversation. After it’s installed, all components of your outdoor living space come together. Your stamped concrete walkway, pool, outdoor fireplace, dining area and new kitchen combine to produce an outdoor experience unlike any other. The great thing about kitchens is that they look great inside and out. You can see this from the outdoor cooking and dining areas we’ve already installed in people’s patios in Nashville, Cool Springs, Brentwood, and Franklin. Combining your unique style with our design experience guarantees fulfilled expectations. After our work is done, your outdoor kitchen becomes a new signature piece of your patio.

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During the planning process, one of Pool and Spa Depots designers will meet with you to discuss design options. Our designers will take a look at your existing patio and work with you to discover the best way to incorporate a kitchen. Some of the topics discussed will include:
  • Kitchen appliances: dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, stovetop, grill, etc.
  • Style of kitchen appliances: black, white, stainless steel, hidden or visible
  • Kitchen features: base material (wood, brick, stone, etc.), countertops (marble, stone, concrete, tile), cupboards, molding, arches and more…


If you want to upgrade your outdoor living space with a new kitchen

Contact Pool and Spa Depot today to speak to one of our design specialists.

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Pavilions and Pergolas

Think about the aesthetic wonder a pergola creates when part of an outdoor living space … 

Imagine the beautiful retreat a pavilion offers when sitting alongside a crystal blue pool … 

At Pool and Spa Depot, we build attractive and masterful outdoor structures that provide a great source of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you want to host an outdoor dinner or simply relax poolside after a long day in the sun, pergolas and pavilions are the perfect complements to existing outdoor entertainment. We can design these well-built, attractive structures such as:

  • Overhangs for hot tubs
  • Open-space ceilings for outdoor kitchens and dining areas
  • Sources of shade for lounging and relaxing
  • and much more …
The great thing about pavilions and pergolas is that not many people have them. This gives you the opportunity to complement your outdoor living area in an original way that’s incredibly attractive and useful.
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