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Pool Toys and Games

Swimming pool toys and swimming pool games are one of the many perks of owning a pool. The pool toys and pool games that you choose for your inground or above ground pool help shape the identity of your swimming pool.

Our Pool and Spa Depot retail locations from Brentwood, Cookeville, Clarksville, and Bowling Green stock the largest selection of swimming pool toys and games in the area. Pool and Spa Depots collection of pool toys and swimming pool games cover a wide price range and are for kids and adults alike. Our swimming pool toys and pool games selection features several volleyball nets and basketball sets ranging from high-end, deck-mounted backboards to floating hoops for kids. Find swimming pool toys and games for children and adults including floating golf greens, pool noodles, and dive sticks. Whether you are a competitive pool basketball hoopster, or just looking for some simple floating basketball set, our pool toys and games selection includes deck-mounted backboards built to stand-up to even the most fiercest of dunkers all the way down to basic nets that float in the pool. For the pool volleyball fans we offer deck-mounted nets or even pool combo sets that include basketball and volleyball sets.

We stock about anything you would need for your swimming pool toys and games:


  • Pool Floats & Lounges
  • Pool Inflatable’s
  • Goggles and Swim Aids
  • Air Pumps
  • River and Lake Recreation
  • And much more!



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