4 Benefits of Zen Awakening Massage Chairs for your Nashville Home

Zen Awakening Nashville Massage Chair

4 Benefits of Zen Awakening Massage Chairs for your Nashville Home

Purchasing a Zen Awakening Massage Chair may seem like a luxury purchase, but it is actually an investment in your health. Owning your own massage chair allows you to enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy in the privacy of your own home any time you need it.

Massage chairs such as the Zen Awakening Tranquility ZA16 help support your healthy lifestyle by offering you the benefits of traditional massage therapy without the need for person to person contact. The return on your investment will be tenfold, as the improvements to your physical and emotional wellness will last a lifetime.

4 Wellness Benefits of a Zen Awakening Chair

Cardiovascular Health ImprovementZenWave (ZA-18) Nashville Massage Chair

One of the primary ways a massage chair can benefit your physical wellness is by improving your cardiovascular health. The ZenWave ZA-18 like all Zen Awakening massage chairs features Heat Therapy technology and ReCirculate compression therapy, which increases blood flow to specific areas of the body during massage sessions. Cardiovascular health is paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing longevity.

  • By increasing blood flow, massage therapy helps improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, and lower your heart rate.
  • Increased blood flow helps to speed up the growth of new cells and supports cell repair. It improves the bodies’ ability to absorb the nutrients needed for muscle and tissue growth.
  • Massage therapy can also boost the immune system by improving white blood cell levels through increased blood flow and reduction in cortisol levels.
  • Blood flow stimulation also helps to keep joints fluid and aids in muscle recovery by helping to flush lactic acid away from sore muscles.
  • Massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system allowing the release of built-up toxins. Improved circulation allows for a more efficient removal of these from the body.

Improvement in Flexibility

ZenWave (Z-19) Nashville Massage ChairMassage Therapy Chairs can help increase flexibility, which is especially important in maintaining an active lifestyle as we age. Features such as YogaFlex, ShoulderCompress, and HipShape, ZenAwakening massage chairs such as ZenSummit ZA19 zero in on specific joints and muscles.

  • The compression and massage techniques work on ligaments, connective tissue, and tendons to improve range of motion and flexibility.
  • The massage chair can loosen muscles that are tight and allow them to relax, allowing for increased movement. This reduces muscle tension and allows for a wider range of motion.
  • Through its Recirculate and FootReflex technology, Zen Awakening massage chairs can help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel and the pain associated with arthritis. This can help improve your ability to complete daily tasks pain-free.

Help for Lower Back Pain

The American Chiropractic Association has found that the leading cause of disability is lower back pain. One in ten people are likely to experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Many times, those who develop it, suffer from back pain for the rest of their life.

  • Research shows that massage therapy can have a positive impact on lower back pain issues by improving blood flow to the area and reducing muscle tightness. Massage therapy can also reduce stress symptoms associated with an increase in pain levels.
  • Zen Awakening massage chairs feature Yogaflex, which stretches the back to allow the spine to decompress. This reduces pressure on individual vertebrae. Elongating the back will also help loosen tight muscles, thereby reducing muscle tension and associated pain. The ZenSummit ZA-19 has a Zero Gravity position that evenly distributes your body’s weight. This reduces the pressure on your joints and alleviates lower back pain associated with spinal pressure.

Mental Wellness Benefits

Owning a Zen Awakening massage chair can provide an enormous boost for your mental health. Just a few minutes a day can improve your outlook, reduce stress, and improve your sleep. All these contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improved longevity.

  • Massage therapy releases endorphins, which are the body’s “feel good” hormones. Higher endorphin levels help to lower anxiety and can help with pain reduction. This means you can reap the health benefits of your body’s ability to produce natural mood enhancers.
  • The hormones dopamine and serotonin are also released during massage therapy. This creates an increase in relaxation that you experience during a massage. An elevation in the amount of these two hormones can reduce the symptoms of depression and improve overall mood. Higher levels of serotonin and dopamine also improve the body’s ability to combat stress.
  • Enjoying a chair massage can also lead to a better night’s sleep. Melatonin production relies on adequate levels of serotonin in the body. So, the increase in serotonin production during a massage may result in better quality sleep.
  • Studies show that a massage can assist in lowering the amount of cortisol in the body. High levels of cortisol can lead to memory issues, weight gain, weakened immune system, and increases in cholesterol and blood pressure.

By spending time in your Zen Awakening ZenWave ZA-18, you can actively improve your mental clarity, reduce tension levels, and boost your immune system through a reduction in stress levels.

If you are ready to invest in your health and would like more information on how to reap the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your home, contact Pool & Spa Depot at (877)- 563-7665.

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