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Chattanooga Fiberglass Pools-Custom

The Southeast's Largest Inground Pool Leader is Now Offering Inground Pools in the Chattanooga & Surrounding Market!

Chattanooga Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your Chattanooga backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and have the strongest and most durable material. When you invest in a fiberglass pool, you’re building a pool that will last a lifetime and remain a constant source of relaxation, fun, beauty, and delight year after year.

Fiberglass pools can be rectangular or kidney shaped or traditional or modern freeform. They vary in size and depths to suit your family’s needs.

Perimeter and Inlaid Tile

Our expert designers at Pool & Spa Depo can offer an elegant selection of standard perimeter tile and corresponding accent inlaid tiles to make your pool unique. Inlaid tiles can also emphasize stairs and seats for safety and appearance.

Tiled Floors, Steps, Seats & Skimmers

Glass or ceramic tile can be added to the floor, steps, seats, and/or skimmers of any Latham pool or spa. These creative designs can be added to complement the shape of your pool for a polished and sophisticated look.

Custom Tile Mosaics

Mosaic tiles reflect charm and personality, adding to the overall appeal of your pool. Reflect your own personality in your pool with a selection from Latham’s standard product line or a custom mosaic of your own creation.


Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pools

concrete wall pools-Chattanooga

The Best Vinyl Liner Pool Construction Available! Pool & Spa Depot’s concrete wall pools continue to be our most popular choice among families in Chattanooga because they are extremely durable, strong and affordable. Forget about expensive vacations! Create a stay-cation that your whole family will enjoy!

Our concrete wall pools are comprised of a 10″-thick concrete engineered wall that is rebar reinforced for maximum strength. The walls of the swimming pool are dramatically stronger per square inch than standard steel or polymer/plastic wall options. And if you want to add salt water, the pool can stand up to it without a problem. Overall, concrete wall pools give you the opportunity to customize the size and shape of your in-ground pool and offer the durability to make your investment last.

Steel Wall Vinyl Liner Pools

Pool & Spa Depot is pleased to offer an affordable range of steel wall vinyl liner pools. These distinctive swimming pools are made from factory steel wall panels that are comprised of corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel with unparalleled strength. Sturdy, heavy-gauge galvanized steel braces around the entire pool provide solid support for pool walls.

These popular pools can be tailored in many shapes and styles and include many of today’s affordable features such as multi-colored lighting, UV sanitation, aluminum coping and fiberglass steps.

Choose from premium vinyl liners in a variety of styles and colors for a distinct look and give your Chattanooga backyard the in-ground pool you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.

Stealth Semi-Inground Pools

There’s a pool option available for homeowners that will get you swimming in no time without breaking the bank. Enter the semi-inground pool. This above ground and inground pool hybrid is the perfect solution. With the look and feel of an inground pool at an affordable price point and an average five-week lead time, the Stealth Semi-Inground Pool, a Pool & Spa Depot exclusive, is the perfect fit.

The Stealth Semi-Inground Pool is an American-made option that boasts many benefits for Chattanooga homeowners looking to purchase a pool.

Stealth Pools Chattanooga TN

Stealth Swims Spas

Stealth Swim Spas are meticulously crafted in the United States, specifically in Kentucky, by a prominent global manufacturer renowned for their exceptional hot tubs.

These remarkable swim spas are equipped with cutting-edge Platinum Premium Shield insulation, guaranteeing unparalleled energy efficiency that surpasses other spas available in the market.

Designed for longevity and effortless upkeep, Stealth Swim Spas boast a sterling silver shell and elegant grey cabinet colors, effortlessly blending with various interior styles and enhancing any decor.


Chattanooga Swim Spas

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