Blue Torrent 24in Sand Filter Tank w/2″ Valve


24″ Sand Filter Tank and Valve for Inground pools, Semi-inground or large above ground pools

Revitalize your in-ground pool with the Guardian Series 24″ Sand Filter Tank by Blue Torrent. This high-performance filtration system ensures crystal-clear water, promoting a pristine swimming environment. Engineered for efficiency, the Guardian Series combines durability with cutting-edge technology, providing optimal filtration for your pool. With Blue Torrent’s commitment to quality, you can trust in the longevity and effectiveness of the Guardian 24″ Sand Filter Tank. Enjoy the benefits of a clean and inviting pool, courtesy of this reliable and stylish addition to your pool maintenance arsenal.

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  • Tank holds 300lbs of filter sand

  • 2” Tread Ports Top Mount Multi-Port Design

  • Available in 24”

  • 1 Piece Blow Molded Tank

  • Free Standing Pedestal Base

  • Direct replacement for 24″ Hayward Sand filter, 24″ Doheny sand filter, 24″ Pentair Sand Dollar

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Weight 1.0000 lbs