Magic Lube 1oz


The Aladdin Magic Lube PTFE Lubricant is a multipurpose teflon lubricant that can be used in both wet and dry situations, and it serves as an adhesive, lubricant or sealant depending on the situation at hand. This lubricant will form a durable film that will protect equipment and surfaces from water and chemicals.

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  • It can function at temperatures ranging between -10° to 425°F.

  • Use the Aladdin Magic Lube to help extend the life of o-rings, gaskets, pumps, motors, filters, bearings, and many more types of equipment.

  • Multipurpose teflon lubricant Works in both wet and dry situations

  • Functions at temperatures ranging between -10° to 425°F

  • Extend the life of many different types of equipment

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