Sirona Sodium Bromide 6x2oz


Ensure that the sanitization of your spa is completely bromine-based by establishing a bromide bank using our sodium bromide for hot tubs and spas. It also eliminates chlorine odors for a more relaxing spa experience.

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This bromide solution remains stable in the spa water until Sirona Activate Granular is added, releasing bromine to provide a non-chlorine sanitizing system.

~ Ease into clean, calm spa water with a simple, two-step bromine salt for hot tub and spas solutions

~ Step 1 of 2 in the bromine purification system results in gentle, non-chlorine spa water

~ This bromine salt remains stable until activated with Sirona Activate

~ Add the solution to your spa water weekly to maintain a bromine bank

Directions : This product should be used during the start up process of the Sirona Spa Care program. Circulate the water while adding one-half (1/2) ounce of Sirona Spa Care Sodium Bromide for every 100 gallons of of spa water to establish a 20 parts per million (ppm) bromide reserve. Add Sirona Brom Tabs to establish a proper bromine level.

Note: This is not a sanitizer or a disinfectant. It is used to establish a reserve of bromide in spa or hot tub water. It is also necessary to use a sanitizer to sanitize Sirona

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