Viking Fiberglass Spa Shapes

Viking Fiberglass Spa Shapes

Including an attached spa with your Viking fiberglass pool adds an entirely new dimension to your relaxation and backyard enjoyment. Spas have many health benefits, including stress reduction, pain relief, and improved circulation. Not to mention that they just feel fantastic!

An inground Viking spa provides the same warm, bubbly, soothing experience you get with other spas, but offers extra advantages over adding a standalone hot tub later. Because it uses the same circulation system and utilities as your Viking swimming pool, it’s easier and cheaper to install. In addition, since the spa and pool share the same water, maintenance and chemistry balance is much simpler.

Of course, it will also blend in seamlessly with your pool and look incredible. So if you’re considering adding a Viking fiberglass pool to your backyard, why not include an attached spa for the ultimate dream backyard?


6’-11” x 6’-11” Depth: 3’


7’-8” x 9’-8” Depth: 3’-4”


8’-1” x 8’-1” Depth: 3’

Shasta Spillover

6’-11” x 7’-9” Depth: 3’

Royal Spillover

8’-6” x 9’-8” Depth: 3’-4”

Placid Spillover

8’-1” x 8’-11” Depth: 3’