Blue Torrent Skimmer Basket IG Hayward SP1082C


Blue Torrent Replacement Hayward Skimmer Basket – a top-notch, non-OEM alternative meticulously crafted for Hayward OEM #1082C. This skimmer strainer basket is engineered for precise compatibility and superior performance.

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Key Highlights:

Precision Engineering: Carefully designed as a non-OEM replacement for Hayward OEM # 1082C, ensuring a perfect fit.

Robust Construction: Constructed with durable materials, this skimmer strainer basket is built to withstand regular usage for long-lasting reliability.

 Enhanced Skimming: Engineered for optimized skimming performance, keeping your pool or spa water clear and debris-free.

Effortless Replacement: Simplify maintenance by easily swapping out your existing skimmer basket with this dependable alternative.

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