BAQUACIL AlgiDefense Algistat


AlgiDefense® Algistat is a long-lasting algae preventative technology developed for pools treated with BAQUACIL® products. One simple monthly application controls the growth of mustard algae in BAQUACIL® treated pools.

Compatible with chlorine, bromine and BAQUACIL® pools.

Available sizes: One box contains (8) 2 oz. pouches.

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Dosage Start Up: 6 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.

Maintenance Dose: 2 oz per 10,000 gallons of water per month.

Direction: Add product either directly to pool or though the skimmer while pump is in operation according to the dosage chart.

Pool Opening: To prevent visible algae from growing in your pool: Add Start-UP Dosage of Baquacil Algidefence to establish level needed to begin protecting your pool. Continue with Baquacil sanitizer system treatment.

Maintenance – Monthly: Monthly add Baquacil Algidefense per the dosage table, or take water sample to your Baquacil Dealer to test for Baquacil Algidefense. If Baquacil Algidefense is less than 0.5 ppm add a Start-Up dose; if level is greater or equal to 0.5 ppm add a maintenance dose according to dosage table.

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