Nature’s Pure Pool Purifier


Natures Pure Pool Purifier is a combination of minerals that actively sanitize and reduce algae. The specifically designed cartridge is infused with the Natures Pure minerals which immediately disperse and build an effective residual throughout the entire pool. The mineral blend sanitizes and reduces algae, freeing up chlorine to work more effectively. As the pool circulates, the minerals are refreshed as the water passes through the cartridge. Natures Pure Pool Purifier works collaboratively with constant low levels of chlorine. Compatible with any type of chlorine system

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Directions for use:

  • Clean or backwash the filter before adding Natures Pure Pool Purifier

  • Place the correctly sized Pool Purifier cartridge based on total gallons into Pump Basket or Skimmer Basket

  • The minerals in the cartridge require 3 to 4 hours to completely dissolve into the pool.

  • The Natures Pure Pool Purifier is compatible with Cartridge Filter Systems, DE Filter Systems and Sand Filter Systems.

  • For best performance, wait at least two weeks to clean or backwash the filter system.

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