#1 Hot Tub and Spa Question this month

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#1 Hot Tub and Spa Question this month

We get this quite often. What should I look for in the company I decide to get my spa from?

One thing to remember, many companies are selling spas these days, and while competition is healthy for business, it can be dreadful for the uninformed consumer. Quite frankly, many companies are selling spas as a side business and are not really educated about the inner workings or servicing of their product. Mass merchandisers are also getting into the hot tub business, and while they sometimes may sell spas rather inexpensively, they offer no real in-house warranty or backup service and repair on the products.

Another place to look is online or in newspapers full of “dirt cheap spa bargains”, but you must be very suspicious of such seemingly “good deals”. When purchasing a product such as hot tub, you definitely “get what you pay for”. Watch out for companies that offer you incredible prices and deals and then forget you ever existed once you have made your purchase! Check references, company awards, trade affiliations and try to get recommendations from some friends who have spas and are happy with the company they chose.

Remember, at Pool & Spa Depot, whatever brand you choose – Jacuzzi, Bahama or Waters Edge you can be assured of the quality and value of the workmanship and the commitment we stand behind on our warranties. We don’t offer cheap, used, inflatable hot tub imitations – our hot tubs and spas are the cream of the crop. You can opt for the small, intimate three-seater spa to create an intimate nook, or the bigger Bench Spa to accommodate the entire family, or even one built right into your inground pool.

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