We have thousands of hot tubs in stock & ready for pickup or delivery, while supplies last. Drive a little & save a lot! Buy your spa \ hot tub today & soak in it today when you pick up your hot tub in a full size pick-up or trailer. Need Delivery? No Problem. Let us know.

Relax & Enjoy the View

Relax, destres & soothe muscle aches with a plug-n-play 5-person spa & hot tub from only $3495.

Plug-n-Play Hot Tubs

Our plug-n-play spas are designed to fit most spaces with no digging & no installation required. Getting started is easy! Simply:

  1. Pick the Perfect View (No Pressure. This spa is portable so you can move it to a different location in your yard later)
  2. Fill with Water
  3. Plug into a regular 110v outlet Unlike most of our hot tubs that require an electrician, this spa plugs in just like a lamp!)
  4. Call Your Friends
  5. Turn on the Jets & Enjoy

Next Steps

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