Pool Covers

Pool Covers

At Pool & Spa Depot, we want to help you take care of your pool. Investing in a spa or pool cover is one of the best ways to protect your water from unwanted debris and outside elements, and in the long run saves wear and tear on your pool equipment. With solar, winter tarp, and safety pool cover options, we are sure to meet your family’s needs. Important points to remember about spa and pool covers:

  • A covered pool or spa will experience less freezing than an uncovered one.
  • A covered pool will require less work, stress and expense when it comes to opening your pool for the warm season.
  • Safety covers will protect children and animals from accidentally falling into the water.

No matter what kind of cover you choose, we are able to customize it to fit the unique size and shape of your pool. Click through the tabs below to learn more details about our various spa and pool covers.

Pool Covers

Pool covers can significantly decrease your pool’s upkeep cost. Our large assortment of pool covers is sure to have the perfect one for your family’s needs. Pool covers differ in purpose and design. We have three main types of pool covers at Pool & Spa Depot: solar covers, winter tarp covers, and safety covers. They are manufactured from diverse, premium materials, including weaved mesh fabric and vinyl material. Shield your pool, whether above-ground, inground, or semi-inground, from collections of dirt, leaves, and organic matter for decades with our long-lasting covers.

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Winter Tarp Pool Covers

Brentwood TN Winter Pool Covers

Winter tarp covers are primarily used to protect your pool from winter weather, but also keep tree limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into your pool. For an inground pool, a winter tarp pool cover is held in place with water bags placed around the edge and inside sleeves attached to the cover. For an above ground pool, it is held in place by a combination winch and vinyl coated cable assembly that runs through grommets in the cover. Inflatable air pillows rest on the water under the cover, helping water run off and making it easier to sweep up any leaves or other debris that may fall on it. The air pillows also prevent the water from freezing solid, which can cause major damage to your pool’s structure. A winter tarp cover also blocks sunlight and inhibits algae growth. Simplify your springtime pool opening by taking care of your pool in the cold months with our winter tarp covers.

Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers are specific to inground pools because their purpose is to prevent children and pets from accidentally wandering into the pool. Pool & Spa Depot safety covers meet international standards set by the ASTM requiring them to support the weight of a small child or animal should they walk out onto the cover. A proper safety cover is securely anchored into the deck area surrounding the pool and lies flat so there are no gaps between the water and the cover, giving pool owners peace of mind that no one can accidentally fall into the pool. Safety covers follow the shape of the pool and are held in place by anchors embedded in the decking. Our mesh covers are lightweight and allow water, but not debris, to pass through. Our solid covers, while great quality and aesthetically appealing, do require a pump for draining.

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