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Hot Tub Accessories

Hot tubs give you a place to relax and soak your cares away. Whether operated every day or for special occasions, hot tubs require ongoing care and maintenance to remain in good working order. Hot tub accessories can assist with this process and make spas easier and more comfortable to use. Pool & Spa Depot is your local Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky source for hot tub accessories. With many items available, our hot tub accessory selection is certain to include whatever you need to use your hot tub to the fullest.

Hot Tub Covers

Keeping debris out of your hot tub is essential to maintaining the filter, water quality and the overall cleanliness of your hot tub. Hot tub covers serve as a barrier to leaves, dirt, and other impurities to simplify spa care. We carry the best quality hot tub covers from Prestige.

Prestige Spa Covers are manufactured using specialty manufactured vinyl for spa covers and energy efficient polystyrene inserts. Each insert is heat-sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect your spa cover against water absorption. Inhibitors in both the vinyl & thread prevent premature aging of your spa cover, which all add up to a superior product.

Hot Tub Cover Lifts

Hot tub cover lifts are a must-have addition to your spa setup if you want to increase your coverís longevity and make covering/recovering your hot tub a breeze.

To determine which lift you need, equip yourself with your spa’s measurements, the available clearance area where the cover will rest, and decide what kind of privacy you want. That, combined with hydraulic options, durability, and mounting locations should help you determine what will work best for you and your hot tub space.

We carry quality products from Cover Butler and The Cover Rock-It at a price point for everybody.

Hot Tub Cover Lifts - Nashville, Brentwood, TN

Hot Tub Steps, Trays, Pillows

Climbing in and out of a hot tub can be a chore, especially for children, petite individuals, and those with limited mobility. Hot tub steps eliminate the need to scale the side of the spa and allow you and your guests to walk right in.

Hot tub comfort kits, pillows, and cushions can provide head, neck, or body support to encourage relaxation. Hot tub trays can be placed on the edge of a spa to provide a place to sit drinks and food or provide shelving for storing towels and other items.