CLOVER 250 Celtic Hot Tub

The Clover 250 features 50 (8 Turbo Boost Jets) powered by 1-4 HP 2 speed and 1-4 HP 1 speed jet pumps and includes our Celtic Clean™ Water Management system and Celtic Shield™ Select Exterior.

Contact Pool & Spa Depot - 877-563-7665
Contact Pool & Spa Depot - 877-563-7665


Relax and Unwind in your Celtic Hot Tub!

Celtic Hot Tubs is dedicated to providing the highest quality product with long-lasting performance and dependability; a durable product engineered with customer satisfaction in mind. Our spas come fully-loaded with many of the same features you see in a high-end luxury hot tub, but at a more affordable price.

Weight: 600 lbs / 3,790 lbs filled
Measurement: 34″ Depth / 84″ Square
Water Capacity: 375 gal
Electrical Requirements: 220v /50 amp
Dedicated Circuit w/GFCI
Jet Pump: 4 HP / 2 Speed / 220v
Heater: 110v =1KW Heat
220v =4KW On Demand
Jets: 30 (4 Turbo Boost Jets)
Topside Control: k500 Programmable
LED Color System
Filtration: Silver Lining Micro Screen Cartridge
Lighting: Celtic Glow w/Sconce Lighting
Interior Shell: High Density Polyethylene
Weatherable & Strong
Exterior Cabinet: HDPE Black
Select Cabinet Optional
In Touch Remote: Optional
Celtic Clean™: Yes
Cover: Celtic Shield Cover
Colors: Titanium, Seashell

All Celtic Hot Tubs feature the “Celtic Shield Interior.” This inside shell is made of high density polyethylene which is known best for its outstanding strength and high impact resistance. Highly chemical and UV resistant, HDPE is the perfect material for a hot tub shell. From a practice standpoint, the textured surface provides a more stable seating and slip resistant underwater surface, also safer for the kids as they move around the tub. Unlike high gloss finishes, this texture hides water spots and fingerprinting!