Don’t Let COVID Deter You From the Pool

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Don’t Let COVID Deter You From the Pool

The COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise and forced a shift in our everyday lifestyle habits, from how we work and shop to the ways in which we find entertainment. While there have been significant changes and adjustments made, there is good news for all pool owners and future pool owners alike. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters. Follow safe swimming practices along with social distancing and everyday preventative actions to protect yourself.”

So what does that mean for you?  

Fortunately, owning a pool is the perfect solution to staying safe and socially distancing. While an increase in at-home time has certainly caused a demand for more pools to be built during this time, the CDC’s notation that COVID cannot be transmitted through recreational waters is extremely important in not letting the pandemic take more than it already has. Sure travel plans are very limited at this time, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. 

Below are a few reasons why now is the best time to invest in your home and create the perfect place for a staycation you can enjoy all the time at your own leisure. 


Work Out More

Have you ever tried going for a run with a face mask on? Not necessarily the most fun. If you’ve got a pool, you would not have to worry about wearing a mask while working out. Swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise that makes for a total body workout. It will help tone your muscles, improve your heart health, and generally improve your well-being. 


Excellent Stress Reliever

What could be more stressful than living through a pandemic? While working remotely has its benefits, it’s often difficult to “clock in and out” like a regular 9 to 5, not to mention other added responsibilities. This can be very stressful for the body and mind. Fortunately, swimming is a good way of releasing endorphins that make you feel good, which helps to relieve stress from your body. 

Nashville family enjoying inground poolSafely Bond With Family & Friends
Per the CDC’s guidelines, swimming in a pool is not a manner in which COVID can spread, making it a great opportunity to safely hang out with family and friends. Give yourself a place to escape from the daily rigors of everyday life. A place that complements your home while offering you a beautiful outdoor retreat steps away from your patio doors. 


Your Middle Tennessee Pool Experts

When it comes to your backyard, let the Middle Tennessee pool design experts at Pool & Spa  Depot help you bring your outdoor vision to life. When it comes to creating the ultimate staycation in the comfort of your own backyard, the options are endless, and we’re excited to help you build a space you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Contact us today. 

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