The Shocking Truth About Perma Salt

The Shocking Truth About Perma Salt

Every year the pool and spa industry is flooded with new “innovative” products that promise to make pool maintenance easier and less expensive. One of the most prevalent in the market today is the Perma Salt System.

The problem with the Perma Salt System is that it is largely misunderstood by pool and spa owners. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a salt generator, and it isn’t able to convert salt into chlorine.

So what, exactly, does it do?


An Ionizing “Purification” System

The Perma Salt System uses copper ionizers to kill bacteria, microorganisms and other pesky things that we don’t want living in our pool water. Here’s how it works:

  • An ionizer containing a copper block is plumbed into your pool’s equipment
  • When the pool pump is turned on, water flows through a tube to the copper block
  • An electrical charge is sent to the copper block which breaks off small pieces of copper
  • These pieces of copper are then dispersed throughout your pool, killing unwanted pathogens and other microorganisms in your pool water

Because the block is being broken down each time water flows through it, it does need to be replaced every couple of years.


Why Perma Salt Doesn’t Clean Your Pool Water

The Perma Salt System is touted as being a natural way to clean your pool water while also simplifying the pool maintenance process.

But it definitely falls short, and here’s where it happens.

In order for your pool water to be clean, two things need to happen to those unwanted microorganisms living in your pool:

a) They need to be killed; and

b) They need to be removed

The Perma Salt System does the first part just fine. The problem is that it doesn’t have a way to “oxidize” or get rid of those things that you’ve killed. Additional steps have to be taken to make sure that your pool water is clean and healthy.

The result? You still end up using chlorine to keep your pool water clean. Though advertisers of this type of system say that fewer chemicals are needed to keep your pool water clean, those who regularly work with pools often find that there is no difference in the amount of chemicals needed in a pool with an ionizer and a pool without one.


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