The Coolest Above Ground Pool Accessories

The Coolest Above Ground Pool Accessories

Above ground pools are unique in that they can be moved to any location you choose, however they still require a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep in order to keep the pool safe and clean.

The pool industry is booming with new products and brand new pool accessories, all designed to make the above ground pool ownership experience easier.Enjoy some of the coolest above ground pool accessories we’ve seen and why we think they are perfect for above ground pools. At Pool & Spa Depot, we have a large selection of the best above ground pool accessories available this summer.


Contrary to popular belief, you can install above ground lighting in your above ground pool (and you can do it yourself!). Pool lighting not only increases the safety of your pool, but it enhances its appeal and appearance.

Above ground pool owners have a wide selection of lighting pool accessories available to them, including:

  • Basic halogen lighting
  • Basic LED lighting
  • Color changing lights
  • Rechargeable LED lighting
  • Solar lighting

You can even find floating bluetooth speakers and underwater fountains that deliver fantastic light shows that are sure to thrill your guests!

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Tired of tackling those pool cleaning duties every day during the summer? Consider investing in a robotic pool cleaner. Rather than spend your time vacuuming the pool, these cleaners will scrub the floor and coves of your pool.

The best robotic pool cleaners today feature:

  • Scanning and navigation capabilities
  • Energy efficiency
  • A light weight easy to lift design

These units will travel around your pool, cleaning and filtering out the dirt and debris so you do not need to spend hours scrubbing and scooping “gunk” out of your pool.

UV Sanitizers

Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers are a healthier alternative to a chlorine pool. These systems disinfect your pool water by destroying up to 99.9 percent of unwanted disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms that form in swimming pools.

Apart from reducing the need for chemicals in your pool, UV sanitizers also only cost pennies a day to operate. They are also known to tackle pathogens which chlorine cannot, including Cryptosporidium, E. coli and Giardia.


If you plan on entertaining at night, this is a must-have on your list of pool accessories. Nothing will add some pizzazz to your above ground pool than a fountain (especially if it includes a lightshow!). Fountains create a visual and audible ambiance that will set a relaxing resort-like mood in any backyard.

There are a number of different types of above ground pool fountains, including:

  • Stationary
  • Floating
  • Spinning
  • Three-tier fountains

All fountains are fairly easy to install and many can be controlled with a remote control.

Pool Heater

Pool heaters are an often overlooked pool accessory for first time pool owners. But having a pool heater can significantly extend your swim season so you can go swimming from the beginning of spring until well into autumn.

There are a number of heating options to consider when it comes to pool accessories, including:

  • Gas heaters (the most effective but also the most expensive)
  • Heat pumps (less efficient than gas heaters but durable and raises water temperature quickly)
  • Solar covers (cost effective and easy to use, but invest wisely or the cover may split or crack)
  • Solar heaters (saves money on utility bills and is eco-friendly, but does not raise the water temperature as much as the above methods)

Your lifestyle, your wants and how warm you want the water to be will be the primary determining factors when deciding which of these heater pool accessories are perfect for your pool.

Decking and Patios

Stylish decking and patios are no longer reserved only for those with an inground pool. Above ground pool decks are becoming increasingly popular and there are a number of fantastic designs to choose from.

The most popular material used for decking is composite lumber of plastic decking as these materials can handle a good splashing of treated water without showing wear. Exposed above ground pool surface area can also be wrapped in stone and wood to give it a more seamless and blended look.

Pool and Spa Depot features a wide selection of above ground pools and pool accessories in four locations in Tennessee and Kentucky including Coolsprings, Bowling Green and Cookeville. For over 20 years we have handled every aspect of the above ground and semi-ground pool process starting with excavation to installation, backfill and future maintenance and services. We also offer DIY packages for the homeowner who enjoys doing their own construction projects.




Pool and Spa Depot has been a trusted family-owned and operated full-service pool company serving Clarksville, Nashville, Cookeville, Bowling Green and the surrounding areas since 1996. Pool and Spa Depot specializes in creating and caring for custom backyard pools, spas and living spaces from the initial design phase to long after construction is complete.

Whether you’re in the market for an inground gunite, steel wall, fiberglass or above ground pool construction, or are looking for reliable pool and spa maintenance or renovation and repair services, Pool and Spa Depot offers it all.

Contact Pool and Spa Depot today to speak with a specialist who can handle all of your pool care needs and outdoor living solutions. Stop by their state-of-the-art facility in the Cool Springs area in Brentwood to see 80,000 square feet of the largest selection of pool and spa products, chemicals, accessories and add-ons on the market today, or stop by their three outlet locations to pick up your immediate pool care supplies.

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