The Incredible Semi-Inground Pool

The Incredible Semi-Inground Pool

As a homeowner, you may not be thrilled with the idea of staring out at the walls of an above ground pool every time you gaze out the window, but you also do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an inground pool. Where’s the compromise? The semi-inground pool.

Semi-inground pools can sit above ground, be sunken halfway or be entirely submerged into the ground because of its robust structure. The semi-inground pool is also less expensive than an inground pool, and it can be installed so that it is flush with your patio or your lawn.

Cost and aesthetic appeal are only two of the key benefits of having a semi-inground pool. Here is a quick list of the other benefits you will be sure to enjoy:

  1. Semi-Inground Pools Are Faster and Easier To Install

A fully inground pool requires a lot of work and weeks to be completed (this is partially why an inground pool costs more than your other pool options). Semi-ground pools can be installed by a professional in a shorter amount of time than a complete inground pool.

  1. Semi-Inground Pools Are Durable

The majority of semi-inground pools are constructed from strengthened aluminum or steel. They are able to withstand high pressure and they do not corrode easily. If you choose the right pool from the right manufacturer, you will receive also an extensive warranty along with your pool.

  1. Semi-Inground Pools Look Great with a Deck or Paneling

You can have any type of of paneling or decking around a semi-inground pool, from wooden decking to poured concrete. Adding decking creates the illusion of having an inground pool while also providing an area for you and your guests to lounge and dine.

The Pool & Spa Depot is proud to carry American-made Stealth semi-inground pools!. Renowned for their quality and longevity, Stealth semi-inground pools are UV resistant, impact resistant, and chemical resistant.

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