Advanced Blue Test Kit


Advanced Copper Test Kit measures the Advanced Blue level in your pool or spa. The Copper Test Kit is easy to use and understand. You only need to use this kit once every two weeks to test your water and add more Advanced Blue to your pool or spa.

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HOW TO USE: Fill tube to the 10 mL line with sample water. Add 5 drops of Copper A to the tube. Cap and invert tube to mix. Remove cap and add 5 drops of Copper B to the tube. Cap and invert tube to mix. Insert the tube into the holder. Wait 3 minutes for color development. Remove cap and place tube bottom 1/2 inch above the white area on the color chart. Match color by looking down through the tube. After reading test results empty and rinse tubes promptly to prevent staining.

IMPORTANT: Always check water balance (pH and alkalinity) prior to testing the Advanced Blue level. Improper water balance may give an inaccurate Advanced Blue reading.

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