Blue Torrent 1.5 Horsepower Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump


Blue Torrent 1.5 HP Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump. Includes options to adjust speed to accommodate all heaters, cleaners, salt systems, and even waterfalls, this truly versatile unit will allow slower filtration for a more quiet, consistent, and thorough job—all while saving big. Permanent magnet technology and an enclosed design ensures this pump runs cooler, stays dry, and is built to last. With guaranteed service you can forever forgo the stress and enjoy your pool for what it’s supposed to be: safe, sparkling, and fun.

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1.5” Threaded Ports connect to standard plumbing.

Powerful 1.5hp Variable Speed Energy Star Certified Motor

Easy Programming Touch Pad for Optimal Speeds

Cool Running Magnetic Sync Motor eliminates burn out

Exclusive Self-Diagnostics to Keep Performance High 450-3450 RPM Speed Range 230 volt

2 Year Warranty Average

seasonal cost to operate $61 Qualifies for Energy Star Rebates

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Weight 1.0000 lbs