Blue Torrent Automatic Cover Pump 350


The 350 gallons-per-hour pool cover pump is specifically designed for the purpose of keeping your pool protected by removing water off the top of swimming pool covers. Its 1/4 HP ensures water removal up to 350 gallons per hour. Save big on energy costs with this automatic switch that can drain as low as 1/8 inch of water. Fully submersible and equipped with a specialized pre-filter to prevent clogs caused by debris, this cover pump can run unattended throughout the winter.

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  • Automatic On/Off IQ 350 Cover Pump BS 36595

  • Automatically Powers On and Off

  • Completely Submersible

  • Standard Garden Hose Connection

  • Easy Clean Reusable Replaceable Filter Pad w/ Clog resistant mesh

  • 25′ Power Cord UL listed

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Weight 1.0000 lbs