Nature’s Pure Floating Solar Ionizer


This innovative and solar-powered water purifier ensures a refreshing swimming experience. The system includes essential components for effective maintenance and continuous water purification.

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Key Features:

  • Solar-Powered Efficiency: Harness the power of the sun to purify your pool water effortlessly, providing an eco-friendly solution for a cleaner swimming environment.

  • Comprehensive Inclusions: The system comes complete with an Anode, Screen, Screw, Brush, and Thirty Test Strips, offering a comprehensive package for efficient pool maintenance.

  • Easy Installation: Enjoy the convenience of easy installation, allowing you to set up the system quickly and start benefiting from solar-powered water purification.

Installation and Initialization:

  • Preparation: Start with normal chlorinated water to establish a balanced pH level. Maintain chlorine content around 1.0 ppm using a standard test kit. Adjust chlorine levels as needed for optimal water clarity.

  • Initial Setup: Place the Solar-Powered Floating Ionizer (CFSI) in your pool. Initialization time varies from one to several weeks depending on water volume, weather, and usage patterns. The CFSI operates as a trickle charger, gradually releasing ions with safe and efficient low power output.

  • Monitoring Ion Levels: Utilize the Ion detection kit, as outlined in the instruction manual’s “Ion Test” section, to measure ion concentration in the water. Typical readings range from zero to trace amounts (.01 – 0.1 ppm). Follow instructions in the manual’s “Ion Test Chapter” for higher ion concentrations.

  • Optimal Placement: For maximum effectiveness, ensure the CFSI floats freely in direct sunlight. Alternatively, tether it to a sunny area of your pool.

  • Operational Tips: When the CFSI begins ionizing, run your pump and filtration system during daylight hours for proper mineral circulation. Nighttime pump operation is optional; the unit can safely remain in the pool overnight.

  • For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, refer to the included manual.

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