Properly Open Your Nashville Pool Without Any Problems This Spring

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Properly Open Your Nashville Pool Without Any Problems This Spring

Spring has sprung, and pool season is here! It’s time to get your pool ready for a busy swim season of fun with family and friends. Properly opening your pool for the season is important to ensure your pool water is healthy and operates efficiently throughout the season. Read on for a few spring pool-opening tips to help get you started.

Clean & Remove the Pool Cover

As tempting as it may be to remove the cover and dive right in, it’s important to take proper care of the cover first. Before taking it off, remove any standing water (a wet/dry vacuum works well), and get rid of any leaves and other debris that may have accumulated recently. Clean off the cover and allow it to dry fully before storing it for the season

Check Your Water Levels

Even with a pool cover intact, it’s possible to have lost some water due to evaporation. Do a check and make sure that you have the proper water level in your pool. The proper level should be measured at the halfway point on the skimmer opening along the side of the pool. If your pool experienced any evaporation during the off-season, be sure to fill the pool back to its proper level.

Clean the Surface

Once you remove and store your cover and check your water level, it’s time to start cleaning the pool. Skim your pool’s surface to remove any large debris that may have entered the pool either during its closure or when you took off the cover. Big debris can clog your filtration system, which needs to be clear when you turn it back on.

Take Care of the Equipment

Now it’s time to take care of your pool equipment. Since it hasn’t been in use for a time, you should inspect your pump and lubricate or replace any o-rings needing some extra attention. It’s also a good time to do an inspection of your pool’s plumbing connections and to visually inspect all of the other equipment, including the filter, heater, lighting, and automation system.

Once visually inspected, power up the equipment and look for any drips or leaks. Continue to replace any o-rings as necessary. Also, it’s important to give your filter a very good cleaning. If necessary, replacing your pool filter prior to the start of the pool season is the best time.

Balance Your Water

Proper pool chemistry is essential in keeping your water clean and pristine. It is especially important to get it properly balanced during the pool opening process as this sets the tone for your entire pool season! While your testing strips are designed to offer you a good indication of your chemical levels, it may be best to visit the pool care professionals at Pool & Spa Depot and get your water tested for an accurate baseline.

Run Your Pump

Before leaping into your pool, an important part of swimming pool maintenance is running the pump for several hours to ensure that the pool chemicals are properly circulated and everything is operating efficiently.

Your Nashville Pool Care Experts

Spending the time to properly open your pool now will lead to a successful and enjoyable swimming season. If you aren’t confident in the way to properly inspect your equipment, hiring a professional pool opening service is a good option. The Nashville pool opening service professionals at Pool & Spa Depot are ready to help properly open your pool and get your swimming season started off right. Contact us today to schedule your pool opening appointment.

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