Shelf Lounger

Shelf Lounger pool shelf with fountains and waterfall


Three main purposes of spending the day poolside are entertainment, relaxation and enjoying the element, water. The Shelf Lounger is an all-in-one tanning ledge, lounging chairs and spillover edge showcasing the perfect innovation to any pool and backyard design. The one-piece unit allows the poolside user to enjoy an enclosed addition of water rather than minimizing the pool space. Made in the USA, the Shelf Lounger combines elegance and functionality.


2 Luxury Loungers • Negative Edge • Therapy Jets Bubblers • Fountain • Easy Installation Cost Effective • Minimal Plumbing Required Compatible with All Lighting • Fresh Water Cool Mist System

Shelf Lounger-stay cool
Shelf Lounger-relax

The Shelf Lounger is designed with YOU in mind!

Versatility: The Shelf Lounger is the next generation of poolside innovation. Whether customers have an existing pool or planning a new pool installation, the all-in-one Shelf Lounger can integrate and enhance the look to any pool and backyard. Designed as an enclosed addition of shallow water, it’s ideal for poolside entertainment, relaxation and quality time with family, friends and even beloved pets.

Lounge and Stay Cool: Each Shelf Lounger has two full size built-in loungers equipped with contoured seating and recessed therapy jets for a relaxing poolside experience. A refreshing misting system easily connects to a fresh water source creating the perfect poolside enhancement during hot and humid seasons.

Breathtaking Negative Edge: Featuring a stunning 6-foot negative edge spill of water creating an inviting visual and auditory experience for all. Customizable Lighting: We include a PAL Treo LED light, providing both functional illumination and elegance to the evening poolside ambiance.

Pillow Comfort: Offered with two luxurious contoured pillows enhancing the relaxation experience or comfortably adjusting to an upright position thus making the Shelf Lounger the perfect poolside addition for all users. Minimal Installation: Constructed to be installed inground or above ground, the Shelf lounger requires minimal installation and plumbing. Stack ‘Em Six High: The Shelf Loungers can be stacked six high, minimizing warehouse space. Each weighing less than 250 lbs (?), they are easy to handle and safely stored.

Craftsmanship: Made in the USA, the all-in-one Shelf Lounger is offered in a variety of colors constructed with acrylic and fiberglass backing to provide years of outdoor enjoyment with hassle free maintenance

Shelf Lounger-Made in USA