What is the Proper Pool Maintenance During a Vacation?

What is the Proper Pool Maintenance During a Vacation?

Keeping your pool clean and water crystal clear while you’re away this summer isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think. No one wants to come home from an enjoyable vacation to a problematic pool. Here are our tips from the pool maintenance experts at Pool & Spa Depot for how to maintain a pool while you’re enjoying a much deserved vacation.


Check Your Water Before Departure

Checking your water and making sure that the water chemistry is balanced will go a long way in correcting and preventing any issues before you take off. You can do this yourself or bring a water sample in to have it checked professionally.

BONUS TIP: You may want to consider super chlorinating your pool before you go if you don’t have a friend or neighbor who will be able to look after it for you. Many experts recommend doubling the amount of pool shock than you typically would use and to run your filter for at least a couple of hours. But be sure to test the waters when you return to ensure that the chlorine levels aren’t still too high!


Cover Your Pool

This may seem like a no brainer, but a surprising number of Nashville and Bowling Green pool owners who regularly perform pool and spa maintenance fail to cover their pools prior to leaving on vacation. Not only will covering your pool keep debris and dirt out of your water, but it’ll block the sun’s UV rays, which expedite algae and bacteria growth.

BONUS TIP: If you have a winter cover, use it when away on vacation.


Invest in a Timer

Our final tip for how to maintain a pool is to invest in a pool timer. A pool timer is an absolute must-have as it will allow you to run your filter automatically for any desired amount of time on any day without you needing to physically be present to press the “on” or “off” switch.

BONUS TIP: If possible, invest in a timer that will allow you to split up run times to keep you pool waters as clean as possible.



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