When Is the Best Time for Vinyl Liner Replacement?

When Is the Best Time for Vinyl Liner Replacement?

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but as a swimming pool owner, you can probably see the end of pool season coming. And with that, you might be starting to turn your attention away from swimming and toward other interests. However, before you winterize your pool, there’s one more pool-related task you should consider: replacing your vinyl liner.


Why an Autumn Vinyl Liner Replacement Makes Sense

When we suggest to pool owners that they think about replacing their vinyl liner in the fall, they tend to give us a quizzical look if we’re talking to them in person. Or, if we’re on the phone with them, things tend to go silent for a few seconds. Their spoken or implied question is a fair one, “Why in the world would I replace the liner in a pool I’m about to shut down for many months?”

The answer is, there are a number of reasons to do so, including:

1. Get current year pricing. The cost of a liner in April may be exactly the same as it is today. But, there are no guarantees. As you know, with any product, if the price does change, it probably won’t be going down. Getting your liner this year can potentially save you tens or even hundreds of dollars.

2. Avoid the spring rush. The last thing you want when the warm weather returns and you and your family are eager to be enjoying your pool is to find out that there is a backlog of requests and that it will take weeks to get the liner replaced. Take care of that task this fall, and next spring all you have to do is open the pool and start swimming!

3. Avoid potential groundwater issues. Vinyl liners are best installed when the water table is low, such as in late summer/early fall. As that table rises with spring snowmelt and runoff in some geographies, installations can be delayed or at least more tricky than you and your installer would prefer.

4. Benefit from warm weather. Vinyl liners go in easiest when the weather is sunny and around 70 degrees. Getting your replacement done in the sweet spot after the kids have gone back to school and before the cold weather arrives can work out perfectly.


Take Action Now to be Ready for Pool Season in the Spring

Vinyl liners are strong and durable. But, they do need to be replaced eventually. If yours is looking like it’s seen better days, this may be the autumn for you to make your move and get a replacement. Get a quote on vinyl liner replacement today.

Originally published on Latham’s Just Add Water blog. Check it out for great resources on vinyl liner pools.



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