Why You Should Buy an Above Ground Pool

above ground pool in Hendersonville backyard

Why You Should Buy an Above Ground Pool

Many families are looking for fun ways to enjoy the summer without leaving home as much. As a result, pools are in high demand. If you’re looking for an affordable and readily available pool option, an above ground pool could be exactly what you need. Read on to learn more about why buying an above ground pool from Pool and Spa Depot is the right choice for you.


An inground pool will cost significantly more than an above ground pool of the same size. If your budget is a concern, you definitely want to think about an above ground pool option. Today’s above ground pool is very different from what you may remember it to be. There are many sizes, shapes, and styles available for above ground pools, although the larger and more complex it is, the more it will cost. Still, you can have an attractive pool large enough for fitness, parties, and family fun for a lot less cash.

Quick Installation

An inground pool can take months to build, and that’s when everything remains on schedule. Thanks to the rising demand for pools, many pool builders are pushing off build times a lot longer than normal. By comparison, an above ground pool can be built and ready to use in just a few days. There are even DIY above ground pool kits that you and some handy friends can build yourselves. In as little as a weekend, you and the family could be swim-ready. Be sure to see if you need permits and do the work necessary to get completely level ground at the installation site before you begin.

New House? Same Pool!

One of the biggest benefits of having an above ground pool is that when you move, you can take it with you. Not only does that mean you get to keep your fun in the sun, but it also means your property value won’t be impacted by having a permanent inground pool. Not every homebuyer sees pools as an asset, and it may affect your ability to sell. If you’re looking for an investment that you can keep for many years to come, no matter where you live, an above ground pool is an ideal option.

Easy to Maintain

Everyone knows that a pool requires maintenance, but the truth is that an above ground pool is very easy to care for. All of the equipment and components are accessible. Nothing is buried or hard to see. This means treating the water, checking the heater, and caring for the filters is much easier when you have an above ground pool. If the pool is smaller than a traditional pool, you’ll also need less water and chemicals to enjoy swimming than you would otherwise.

Your Nashville Above Ground Pool Experts

If you’re ready to dive into a fun summer, an above ground pool is a perfect choice. It’s less expensive, you don’t have to wait months for installation, and you can care for it more easily. We carry a number of different models from top above ground pool manufacturers Vogue, Carvin and Doughboy. Give the above ground pool experts at Pool and Spa Depot a call today to learn more about the different above ground pool options available.

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