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Above Ground Pools On Sale Now!

With over 20,000 above ground pools installed, Pool and Spa Depot can help you choose an above ground pool that will make you return to your backyard to enjoy BBQs and time in the sun. With several shapes and sizes to choose from, as well as accessories, above ground pools are a smart choice for many homeowners.

These low-maintenance pools can be installed easily, and if they ever need to be taken down, removal is just as simple. Unlike having an in-ground pool, the liabilities and risks are much lower because you can include fencing and safety gates. With an above ground pool, you get the option of having our professionals install it, or you can do it yourself.

Whatever installation option you select, you will get a beautiful pool that will transform your backyard into a premier summer destination for a fraction of the cost of other pools. Best of all, we can get your pool up in less time than it takes to build our other pools. Explore some of the additional options that you can include with your above ground pool package.




Upgrades & Accessories for your Above Ground Pool


During your initial consultation and visit to the pool park, you can browse our above ground pools and also look at the special packages we have that will fit your needs. Learn about accessories and about upgrades such as UV sanitation, underwater lighting and automatic cleaners. Consider including waterfalls, upgraded steps and pool heaters. You can also accessorize your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, volleyball or basketball setups, backyard grills, fire pits, slides, loungers, pool covers, and outdoor furniture. Let your Pool and Spa Depot designer tell you about the latest and most innovative accessories to maximize your new lifestyle.


What’s Involved In Building An Above Ground Pool?

Pool and Spa Depot has been installing above ground and semi-inground pools for over 20 years. Above ground pools are easily maintained and take up less space, allowing you to maximize your yard space while still having the luxury of a swimming pool. The installation process for an above or semi-inground pool is only a 1-3 day process. Pool and Spa Depot can handle everything from the excavation, installation, backfill, dirt removal, and all future maintenance and services for the new pool. We also offer the DIY packages for the homeowner that likes to do his own construction projects.

Above ground pools or sometimes referred to as “on the ground” pools, they are often times the best option for costumers. They are low cost and have relatively a clean installation. They have a minimal cost to maintain and operate.

Semi inground pools combine benefits of both above ground and inground swimming pools. They are aesthetically more pleasing than above ground pools as you can add features such as decking or pavers to create the appearance of an inground pool but still have a lower cost to build and maintain.


Our above ground pools starting as low as $1499. Guaranteed Low Prices!


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Our most popular Doughboy Models

  • 54″ Steel Frame – Alum Panel
  • 8″ Resin Top Rails & 7″ Steel Verticals
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The 4 top reasons customers buy a Pool and Spa Depot Above Ground Pool

Pool Wall

At Pool and Spa Depot we have a lifetime NON-PRORATED transferable wall panel that you will not find with other pool company. Our customers enjoy the benefit of knowing that if they sell their house, they have the ability to offer the new homeowners a lifetime warranty on their pool.


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Pool Liner

Your liner is the 2nd most important component to your above ground pool. If your pool will not hold water or every time you get into your pool you poke a hole in the liner your pool will never last. Pool and Spa Depot decided over 5 years ago to not sell above ground pool liners based on the thickness.


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Pump & Filter System

Now let’s talk about the 3rd feature. You can have the best pool wall and the strongest liner, but if you have a under performing filter system that will never keep your pool clean what do you really have? We offer the best in the filter systems for your above ground pools with 4 packages to choose from.


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Pool Plumbing

The final piece of the puzzle is the above ground pool plumbing. Let’s ask the question would you use flex plumbing then connect it with just a radiator clamp under the sink of your house? Hopefully, the answer is NO. At Pool and Spa Depot we offer with the platinum page our PVC standard plumbing.


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Above Ground Pool Size for Any Backyard

Round Sizes Oval Sizes
12′    •     16′ 12’x20′    •    12’x24′    •    12’x28′    •     12’x32′
18′    •     21′ 16’x24′    •    16’x28′    •     16’x32′
24′    •     28′ 18’x34′    •    18’x38′
32′ 21’x41′
See our size chart


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