Advanced Pool and Spa Products

Advanced Pool and Spa Products® Pool Chemicals for Nashville, Clarksville & Bowling Green

Advanced Pool & Spa Products® Chemicals

Advanced Pool & Spa Products® is one of the top pool and spa chemicals that is gentle on equipment and compatible with all major sanitizing systems, including both salt and chlorine based systems. It is also EPA registered throughout the United States and NSF 60 Certified.
Below is a list of some of the Advanced Pool & Spa Products® chemicals that Pool & Spa Dept carries:

  • Advanced-Blue® is the foundational product of the pool care system. It is an algaecide/bactericide that is ideal to add in the water at pool or spa start up, and also good for routine water maintenance.
  • Advanced-Clear® acts as a scale and metal inhibitor, preventing any metal and mineral particles that enter your water from bonding to the bottom and walls of the pool.
  • Advanced-Sparkle® brings suspended particles together to enable your filtration to clean out debris easier. This process, in turn, clears any cloudy water.
  • Advanced-Prep® is a water preparation step. By adding it to your pool before introducing Advanced-Blue®, it maximizes its effectiveness in sequestering calcium and other unwanted minerals.
  • Advanced-Shock® is a chlorine-free shock oxidizer. Use this product every 1-2 weeks to oxidize organic materials that cause cloudy water.

We carry a variety of sizes, as well as water care kits from Advanced Pool & Spa Products®. Stop by the Pool & Spa Depot store near you to see our full selection of PristineBlue® products.