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Relax your mind and body as warm water and soothing jet massages reduce pain and stiffness and relieve tension and stress. Create a peaceful spa environment in your Franklin home with a Bullfrog Spa® from Pool and Spa Depot.

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About Bullfrog Spas®

Bullfrog Spas® mission is to “Create Peaceful Lives.”

Founded in 1996, Bullfrog Spas® are the world’s only luxury hot tubs with the patented JetPak Therapy System™. This system allows a user to personalize his or her hot tub experience by choosing between 16 interchangeable JetPaks® which can be placed in the seat that best fits your height. JetPaks® are individually designed to provide unique massage and wellness benefits. You can target specific areas to relieve tension or simply choose an overall maximum health & wellness Jetpack®. Adjust the massage power to your individual preference and feel your stress and tension melting away. JetPaks® are interchangeable and can be upgraded or moved to any location within the spa.

Quality Construction

Bullfrog Spas® are built with their trademarked EnduraFrame™ that will never rot like conventional wood frames or corrode like conventional metal frames. Bullfrog has eliminated unnecessary holes and plumbing to prevent leaks and failures to provide a long-lasting, trouble-free spa.

Save Money and Energy

Bullfrog Spas® use full foam insulation and up to 90% less plumbing, making their spas the most energy efficient in their class, according to test data published by the CA Energy Commission in 2019. Relax without worrying about your energy bill.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Bullfrog Spas® provides 3 easy-to-use & highly effective water care systems:

  1. Enhanced Ozone System (EOS O3™), a revolutionary water purification system that’s up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas. EOS has been third-party validated to kill 99.9% of the microorganisms found in spas.
  2. FROG® @ease® The all-new FROG @ease system, designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa®, utilizes SmartChlor® technology which uses up to 75% less chlorine, maintains chlorine at lower levels, and reduces the need to shock to only once a month.
  3. WellSpring™ Circulation Pump – This quiet and vibration-free circulation pump is more than 8 times as effective at filtering spa water than standard circulation pumps. This leads to an average savings of 60% in filtration energy costs (6,060 gallons per kilowatt vs. 3,480 gallons per kilowatt).
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Call or Visit Pool & Spa Depot to Find Your Perfect Bullfrog Spa® today

Pool & Spa Depot is your official Franklin dealer for Bullfrog® brand spas with one of the largest selections of product lines in the region. Let us help you create your ultimate home spa experience. Please ask your customer service representative about installation and financing options.

Relax in your Bullfrog Spa® right in your own Franklin backyard or home, and let your cares fade away!