Pool Opening / Closing

Pool Opening / Closing

Pool Openings

Pool & Spa Depot professionals spray, remove and fold your pool cover. We then will take out all plugs and gizmos used for the winter months and replace them with the pool’s directional nozzles. All skimmers, pumps, and baskets will be put back into place; the filter equipment and pump will also be checked for leaks and issues. Finally, all handrails and diving boards are put back into place.

Please also keep in mind that we do not provide chemical treatment as part of our opening procedure. We do advise adding a preventive algaecide and a super shock to the water to begin the chemical process and aid water clarity. Stop into one of our retail locations with a water sample for a complimentary chemistry test. Our experts will then assist you in choosing the products you need to get your pool back into shape for the swimming season!

Pool Closings

We begin closing procedures by winterizing all plumbing lines, both inlet and outlet. In addition, we ensure that all filters and pumps are drained, and then remove all handrails and ladders. The swimming pool cover will then be put onto the pool and any other necessary adjustments are made. At your request, we can also treat your pool with a copper based algaecide, which we sell at our retail store.

Pool Closing Instructions

Above Ground Pool Closing Instructions

Inground Pool Closing Instructions