Fiberglass Pools

Viking Fiberglass Pools for Clarksville, Brentwood & Nashville

A Viking pool is built for strength and designed to perform. Every Viking pool is made from the highest grade fiberglass and ceramic materials, and undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. You can literally see and feel the difference in its multi-layered construction and non-porous surface. This results in a pool that is as durable as it is beautiful. When it comes to your pool, you deserve the best. Depend on the proven performance of a Viking pool, durability that lasts a lifetime.

Rectangle Fiberglass Pools

Nashville Rectangle Fiberglass Pools

Empress Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-6” to 5’-8”

Majesty Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-6” to 6’

Olympia Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-6” to 6’-6”

St. Thomas Fiberglass Pool Nashville

St. Thomas
Depth: 3’-7” to 7’

Monaco Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-6” to 5’-8”

Traditional Freeform Fiberglass Pools

Traditional Freeform Fiberglass Pools Nashville

Freeport Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-7” to 5’-5”

Rockport Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Depth: 3’-7” to 5’-11”

Gulfshore Fiberglass Pool Nashville

Gulf Shore
Depth: 3’-7” to 5’-10”

Gulfcoast Fiberglass Pool Brentwood TN

Gulf Coast
Depth: 3’-5” to 8’

Modern Freeform Fiberglass Pools

Modern Freeform Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Aruba Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-6” to 5’

Fiji Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-6” to 6’

Bermuda Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-6” to 5’-6”

Laguna Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-6” to 6’

Cancun Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-6” to 6’-6”

Venice Fiberglass Pool Nashville TN

Depth: 3’-10” to 8’-6”

Kidney Fiberglass Pools

Kidney Fiberglass Pools Nashville TN

Jamaica Fiberglass Pools Brentwood TN

Depth: 3’-2” to 5‘

St. Lucia Fiberglass Pools Brentwood TN

St. Lucia
Depth: 3’-6” to 5’

Valencia Fiberglass Pools Brentwood TN

Depth: 3’-7” to 5’-10”

Viking Fiberglass Pool Finishes

The color and finish of your pool directly affects its overall appearance. Viking Pools offers a variety of exclusive colored finishes along with standard gel-coats to create a wide range of effects.

Crystite Fiberglass Coating Finish

Diamond Fiberglass Pool Finish Nashville TN

Standard Gel Coat

Whisper White Pool Gel Coat
Viking Blue Fiberglass Pool Get Coat

Viking Fiberglass Perimeter and Inlaid Tile

Viking Pools offers an elegant selection of standard perimeter tile and corresponding accent inlaid tiles to make your pool unique. Our inlaid tiles emphasize stairs and seats for safety and appearance.

Tiled Floors, Steps, Seats & Skimmers

Glass or ceramic tile can be added to the floor, steps, seats, and/or skimmers of any Viking pool or spa. These creative designs can be added to complement the shape of your pool for a polished and sophisticated look.

Custom Tile Mosaics

Mosaic tiles reflect charm and personality, adding to the overall appeal of your pool. Reflect your own personality in your pool with a selection from Viking’s standard product line or a custom mosaic of your own creation.

Tile for Fiberglass Pools Nashville TN

*An acceptable degree of shade variation is inherent in glass, ceramic, and natural stone products. Tonal variations may occur within the tiles in a sheet. This characteristic adds to the overall rich quality of mosaics. All warranties against the tile are handled by the tile manufacturer.