Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Healthy This Fall

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Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Healthy This Fall

With the days getting shorter and temperatures starting to cool off, pool usage may start to dwindle. While pools aren’t being used as much as the summer months, it’s still important to properly care for them to ensure clean and healthy water, as well as efficiently run equipment. Below are a few simple maintenance tips to keep your pool healthy this fall when swimming may be more at a minimum.

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Skim the Water

Autumn leaves are nice to look at, but not when they’re falling into your pool. Regular skimming is especially important during the fall months. If leaves and other debris are left floating around, your water is likely to turn green.

Leaves floating on a wet surface create the perfect environment for algae growth. This not only makes your water green, but it can also stain the sides and bottom of your pool. Regularly skimming your pool’s surface allows you to remove any debris that may clog your skimmer or filter that could potentially leave you with more problems. 

If you haven’t already, it may be time to invest in a pool cover. You’ll save yourself valuable time by keeping your pool covered when not in use. A cover is beneficial in that it keeps out leaves, dirt, and other debris, all of which can adversely react with chlorine and other chemicals in the water. They also prevent water evaporation, which is always a risk on unseasonably warm days.

Clean the Filter

Because a pool is in less use during the fall months, it may seem you don’t need to run your filter as much as during the swimming season. But, with cooler temperatures and added debris, your filtration system will still need to be run. Clean the pool filter regularly to keep the filtration system working at optimal levels.

Cartridge filters should be cleaned or replaced. If you have a sand and diatomaceous earth filter, backwash it to remove debris.

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Vacuum Your Pool

After you address the pool’s surface, the next step is to get to the bottom. Vacuum your pool thoroughly to remove anything at the bottom of the pool. Don’t forget to brush the walls and tile line, as well.

If you’re not looking forward to vacuuming the pool, consider investing in an automatic pool cleaner. These devices skim around the bottom of the pool and suck up any debris without needing your assistance.

Repair Cracks or Chips

Your pool is exposed to the elements daily, which increases the risk of your finish chipping or cracking. Because colder temperatures in the months ahead can make them worse and lead to permanent pool damage, Fall is the ideal time to address any issues as the pool isn’t in regular use. A small crack can quickly become a huge problem. As the temperatures drop, moisture in the cracks will freeze. This causes the crack to get bigger and deeper.

Prepare for Freezing Temperatures

Every once and awhile, Fall surprises us and brings along with it colder than anticipated temperatures. Freezing conditions can wreak havoc on your pool if it’s not properly winterized. Be sure to prepare your pool for the freezing temperatures that can affect the Tennessee and Kentucky areas from time to time. 

Your Pool Care Experts

While owning a pool is a year-round job, it doesn’t have to bring stress along with it. Give the pool care experts at Pool & Spa Depot a call or stop by one of our five convenient pool supply store locations in Cool Springs, LaVergne, Cookeville Clarksville, or Bowling Green to talk to our pool service professionals today about the best way to care for your pool in the Fall. We remain committed to providing our customers with quality products and superior customer service, and we look forward to helping you keep your pool healthy throughout the off-season.

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