An Affordable Option to Rising Pool Prices

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An Affordable Option to Rising Pool Prices

A backyard pool is a great addition to any Tennessee or Kentucky home. They provide you with a place to relax and enjoy family and friends. Unfortunately, pool prices have been on the rise lately thanks to the domino effect of COVID-19. From an increased demand in pools, price inflations, and manufacturing costs to a shortage of pool related materials, inground pool prices have reflected these changes and gone up significantly. But now’s not time to give up on your dream of having a backyard pool. There are still affordable options of pool ownership available, including a semi-inground pool.

The Perfect Pool Solution

You could describe semi-inground pools as an above ground and inground pool hybrid, which makes it a perfect solution for easy pool ownership because you don’t have to spend as much money as you would on an inground pool, but you get something that looks better than a traditional above ground pool.

So what’s so great about a semi-inground pool? Semi-inground pools can be partially buried or fully submerged in the ground, making them an affordable and aesthetically pleasing option that will provide you with years of usage. Enter the Stealth Semi-Inground Pool, which is exclusive to Pool & Spa Depot.

Stealth Semi-Inground Pools

The Stealth Semi-Inground Pool combines the benefits of both above ground and inground pools at a fraction of the cost of a traditional inground pool, which helps offset those rising pool prices expected throughout 2021. Another benefit to a semi-inground pool is the installation time. Did you know that your semi-inground pool can be complete within 1 to 3 days? Imagine being swim-ready in less than a week!

Nashville Stealth pool

Before you worry that a semi-inground pool may not look as appealing as an inground pool consider the following. These American-made pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it perfect for many different types of backyards. You get to also decide how deep you want the pool installed into the ground and what decking and decor you’d like around your pool. The decking creates a more traditional inground pool look and feel, providing you with an area to entertain family and friends.

Gone are the days of uninspired above ground pool options, as well as the need to spend a large amount of money to get a backyard pool. At Pool & Spa Depot, we want everyone to be able to create an outdoor oasis they can enjoy for many years, and a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool is the perfect solution.

Your Middle Tennessee Semi-Inground Pool Experts

Give the experts at Pool & Spa Depot a call today to learn more about all the different Stealth Semi-Inground Pool options we carry. Everyone deserves to enjoy the perks of a family pool, and we’re excited to provide options to bring your backyard dream to life!

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