Why Choose a Stealth Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?


Why Choose a Stealth Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?

There’s no sign of the pool building boom slowing down, which is leaving many Tennessee and Kentucky homeowners having to wait long periods of time before pool construction can start. Never mind the premium price tag that now accompanies new inground pools thanks to a shortage of building materials and a cost increase associated with them.

Mt. Juliet Tennessee Pool BuilderBut there’s a pool option available for homeowners that will get you swimming in no time without breaking the bank. Enter the semi-inground pool. This above ground and inground pool hybrid is the perfect solution. With the look and feel of an inground pool at an affordable price point and an average five-week lead time, the Stealth Semi-Inground Pool, a Pool & Spa Depot exclusive, is the perfect fit.

Stealth Semi-Inground Pools

The Stealth Semi-Inground Pool is an American-made option that boasts many benefits for Tennessee homeowners looking to purchase a pool.

  1. Reduced Lead Time. From purchase to start-up, a Stealth pool can be ready in as little as five weeks. This can vary depending on required city and county permitting, as well as any Homeowner Association approval requirements.
  2. Build Time in One Day. The best thing about a Stealth pool is that it can be built in one day. Once all the permitting is completed, our Pool & Spa Depot installer comes out to your property, prepares the land and installs the pool. It’s that easy!
  3. Extremely Versatile. Depending on your property and pool design needs, a Stealth pool can be installed one of three ways: above ground, semi-inground and full inground. You get to decide what works best for your outdoor living space and budget.
  4. Budget-Friendly. A stealth pool gives you the look and feel of an inground pool at an affordable price.

Is a Stealth Pool Right for Me?

A Stealth pool isn’t for everyone. At Pool & Spa Depot, we have pools for every style and budget. So how do you know if a Stealth pool is the right choice for you? Here are a few things to consider.

Stealth Pool - Lebanon, TennesseeThe Stealth pool is a joint project between our professional pool builders and you. If you choose to go with a Stealth pool, you can count on us to help guide you with necessary permitting required to install a pool in your yard. We’ll work together to determine whether you choose the Round, Oval or Deer Creek model. Once you purchase your pool package, our installers will schedule an install date and come to your house with all the pool supplies to ensure a seamless installation, which includes leveling of the land for the final placement of the pool. The pool will then be installed in one day.

Once we install your pool, you will be responsible for filling the pool, which takes one to two days depending on your model. You’ll also work with outside contractors to create your patio space and backfill the pool depending on whether you went with a semi-inground or fully inground installation.

Your Middle-Tennessee Pool Building Experts

When it comes to your outdoor living space, the pool building experts at Pool & Spa Depot are ready to make your dreams come true. Since 1996, we’ve been building pools of all types and providing area residents with everything they need to create the ultimate backyard oasis. Give us a call to learn more about the Stealth pool options and how we can help get you in the pool of your dreams today.

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