What Is The Procedure Of Buying An Inground Swimming Pool?

What Is The Procedure Of Buying An Inground Swimming Pool?

What Is The Procedure Of Buying An Inground Swimming Pool?

So you have decided to take the plunge and invest in an inground swimming pool!  You are on your way to creating your backyard oasis that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for many years to come.


One of the most important things before buying a pool is always to do your research and be as informed as possible; just looking on the internet is not always the best way. Because, installing an inground pool is a major endeavor that means time and trust in the company you decide to use. Even before you interview a pool company, get a preliminary idea of what kind of pool you want.  What have you seen at a friend’s or relative’s house that you really liked?  What didn’t you like about the pools you have seen so far?  What size, shape, and dimension would your ideal pool be?  What type of pool construction works best for your needs and budget? Then finding a pool company with a pool park to see these options in person is a great first start.


Next, what are the other features you might want possibly installed in addition to the inground swimming pool?  How about a fiberglass or rock slide, stone diving rock, or even natural looking stone waterfall?  Are you interested in a fence or additional concrete or paver work?  Would you like lighting or a sound system for your pool or backyard?  Outdoor pergolas/cabanas and showers are other popular additions. After you have gotten an idea of what you want, then is the time to research pool companies.  The best way to start is through first-hand referrals from family, friends, or coworkers.  Who did they use?  Find out what they like and what they didn’t like.  If they could do it again, what would they have done differently?  The web is also a great start, but the next step is seeing a pool in action.


Go through the information provided by each pool company that you interviewed.  Investigate what products and services they offer and what they don’t. Do they have customer testimonials on the site?  Do they have a brick and mortar store that builds inground pools in-house and handles customer service and warranty needs after the sale? Reach out to the companies that best fit your projected needs.  How can you do this?   If you would like you can submit a simple form from the website asking for someone to contact you, or you can telephone a design consultant of the company. After having done this, decide is this a company I want to investigate further?  Do they have a showroom or any pools on display?  Can I come and actually see samples of other pools they have installed?  Is there a referral list of satisfied customers that I can call?  At this point, it is recommended to cut down your list to no more than two-three different companies to prevent additional confusion.


Ok so now it’s time to visit the builder’s showroom. If the builder has a display pool or even better a pool park, you can touch, feel, and see the product features in person. While there you should be able to meet with a pool and backyard designer, and go through the various services that the company offers. Some companies can do a 3D design drawing for you right at the store. A 3D design can help you visualize your whole project from start to finish. Make sure that the narrowed company list will also do a site visit. A site visit will provide valuable insight into the scope of the project, and this will fine tune the possible pricing of the project.  A good company will also make sure that there are no hidden obstacles in the backyard such as elevation issues or limited access, items a potential buyer may not be aware of.  The prospective buyer should also do a fact finding with the individual township to make sure that the pool they want can be accommodated by the municipality’s setback regulations. This information can be found in a plot plan of your property if you have this document make sure you bring it with you when you first meet your pool designer.


Depending on the complexity of the project some processes can be more involved. The scope of the backyard, as well as the particular rules of the township, might require multiple visits to the potential pool company or the buyer’s home. Multiple exchanges of phone calls and emails might be necessary as well to make sure that the buyers get everything they want in agreement with township rules.  Each experience will be a bit different for every customer depending on their individual circumstance and scope of the project.


Finally, the end result of this process would be to agree on a price for a set scope of work, and then a contract should be written and signed containing the scope of work for the project. The process is one that requires a lot of research, interviewing, and then working with the best builder that meets your needs. Remember going with the cheapest company with a custom construction project is not always the best option, and can most likely cost you money when the project is not done correctly and with quality craftsmanship work. If you are seriously considering a pool, then it makes sense to start sooner rather than later.  Starting the process will ensure that you have ample time to make a confident decision, and most significant enough time to enjoy your new pool.

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