5 Pool Care Tips for the Do-It-Yourself Pool Owner

5 Pool Care Tips for the Do-It-Yourself Pool Owner

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start prepping your pool for all of the fun you’ll have with your family! After you’ve opened your pool and cleaned it, there are a few more pool care tips from the experts at Pool & Spa Depot that will help you keep it running and looking its best all summer long. A little ongoing maintenance and care will help you avoid any problems that could mean less pool time during the peak months.


Keep Your Pool Free From Debris

How can you do this? Great question! If you don’t have a skimming net, go out and make the investment. Take 30 minutes out of your day (or maybe assign it as a summertime chore for the kids) to skim the pool to remove bugs, dirt, and other debris. Make it a time to relax and enjoy the calming water. If there is dirt on the bottom of the pool, invest in a pool vacuum to prevent that from coming to the surface.


Dealing with Sunblock and Other Oils from Lotions

That’s right, when folks hop in the pool, all of the oils from sunblock don’t just disappear. They stay in your pool. Not something you want to keep building up, right? Throw a tennis ball into your pool. That’s right, the velvet-like surface of the tennis ball can soak up all of these oils and keep them out of the pool.


Always Keep Your Filter Clean

Just because you skim and vacuum your pool often doesn’t mean that there’s no debris and dirt. Switch your filter to the backwash setting in order to remove these items that may have gotten stuck. However, be wary of doing this too often. Try to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations because cleaning it too much can make it ineffective.


Pay Attention to Areas Around the Pool

Is your pool surrounded by loose rocks or sand? If so, these may get kicked into the pool often and could mean that you’ll need to keep a close eye on the area. Sweep around the pool often to keep any debris as far away from the pool entrance as possible.


Check Your Chemicals Often

As a pool owner, you know how important it is to maintain proper water chemistry. Every week, test the chemical balance in your pool with pH strips that can let you know how alkaline or acidic your pool is. Ensuring that these are in balance will prevent harmful bacteria growth in your pool.

At Pool & Spa Depot, we love our pool care DIYers! Stop by anytime to talk with one of our experts. We love answering all your questions and talking all things pools and backyard. We also have every day low prices on chemicals, supplies, and equipment so you can get the best advice and products all in one place.

No matter what your pool or spa care needs are, we would love to help. Contact us today for the best (and friendliest) advice in Clarksville, Nashville, Cookeville, Bowling Green and the surrounding areas.



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