The Importance of Water Chemistry

The Importance of Water Chemistry

Having your very own personal oasis with refreshing waters beckoning you to the backyard is nothing less than sublime on a hot summer day. But unless the correct water chemistry is maintained, your level of comfort and your health may become compromised. Maintaining proper water chemistry in your pool is important for a lot of reasons and should be your topo pool owner priority.

  • Imbalanced Water Leads to Illness

If your swimming pool has not been treated and properly maintained, it is a breeding ground for pathogens that can make people sick. The bacteria and germs in your pool can even spread from one person to the next, causing irritation to eyes, skin, and even widespread illnesses amongst family and friends.

  • Imbalanced Water Results in an Ugly Pool

Your pool is a major investment. Unless that water chemistry is properly maintained, it can leave an unsightly sludge-like ring around your pool (think of the rings you have seen around filthy unkempt bath tubs).

If your water is too hard, etching and staining can occur. Metal components can also begin to corrode, resulting in the corrosion of your equipment and the development of algae.

  • Imbalanced Water is Ugly

Pool water that is way past due its maintenance date will appear cloudy, brown, or it may take on a greenish hue. Not only is this water unappealing to take a dive into, cloudy pools are:

  • More expensive to fix
  • Take more time to clean
  • Reduce the lifespan of your filters

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