Nature’s Pure Mineral System vs. Salt System

Nature’s Pure Mineral System

Nature’s Pure Mineral System vs. Salt System

When it comes to keeping pool water clean and clear, chlorine is “out” and alternative solutions are certainly “in.” Little do many pool owners know, however, is that alternative systems like salt water care solutions still produce chlorine. They just happen to go about making it in a different way.

Two of the most popular water care systems on the market today are the salt water system and the mineral system for pool water like Nature’s Pure Mineral System. While they may seem similar, there are actually several differences between the two.


Salt Water System for Pool Water

When starting up a salt water pool, several bags of salt will need to be added to the water. Then there are separate chemicals which need to be purchased, including:

  • Stabilizers
  • Clarifiers
  • PH leveling products
  • Algaecide
  • Alkalinity increaser products

Salt water pools should be tested weekly for salt content, total alkalinity, pH levels, and algae. It’s also common for pool owners to add a clarifying product once a week. When it comes to cost, pool owners may spend upwards of $20 or so on products each week and at least a couple hours of their time.


Mineral System for Pool Water

Nature’s Pure Mineral System is increasing in popularity because of how easy it makes pool maintenance. Initially pool owners only need to add a single bag of product to their pool. This product has everything your pool water needs to stay clear and sanitized, including water softeners, scale inhibitors and products which protect your chlorine from the sun.

A mineral system for pool water still means weekly maintenance. But rather than mix and match chemicals, a single bag takes care of the water for you. It’s still recommended that the pool water is tested weekly, but it is more likely to remain level unless we experience a massive rain storm.

There are two other benefits that come with a mineral water care system: it has a pleasant aroma (no harsh chemical smells!) and it comes in at a lower price point than a salt water system. Once your pool is up and running, you may spend an average of $15 per week on pool chemicals.


Find the Right Water Care System for Your Pool

The best water care solution is one that allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it.

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