Now’s the Best Time to Buy a Pool

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Now’s the Best Time to Buy a Pool

You may be thinking there’s no point in getting a pool this far into summer, but the reality is now is the best time to follow through on making your dream a reality. With plenty of swim season ahead and dry ground perfect for pool construction, you’re closer than ever to swimming in no time. 


Why Invest In a Pool?

Pools are a great addition to any home. Not only can they improve your home’s aesthetic, as well as its value, but they also provide you with many years of fun moments with your family and friends. 

A swimming pool is a great way for you to unwind and be refreshed. What better way to bond with loved ones than to take a dip in a home pool? Everyday life can take quite a toll on everyone’s physical and emotional health, so swimming can be just the outlet you need to bounce back and adjust accordingly. It is a fun way to keep active and fit without actually leaving home.  

Beyond this, owning a swimming pool can be a great investment. Prospective homeowners find homes with pools very attractive. It can contribute to a high resale value if you’re looking to list your home in the future. 

At Pool & Spa Depot, we have many different pool options that will fit your needs and budget. Our above ground pools and semi-inground pools allow you to be swimming in just a few days. And our fiberglass pool options will allow you to be swimming in as little as 30 days. 

If you’re looking for an affordable pool option with lower operating and maintenance costs, an above ground pool may be best for you. Our Stealth semi-inground pool option is perfect for those homeowners wanting the look of an inground pool without paying the financial investment. A fiberglass pool is perfect for those wanting an inground pool option that requires little maintenance while being highly durable. 

Why Build Now?

This time of year presents the best opportunity cost-wise to purchase a pool. We’re experiencing a rise in cost for many goods and services across the board right now, and pools are no different. The reality is the longer you wait to build a pool, the more you can expect to pay. So it’s important to remember that the earlier you get started, the less you’ll have to pay. 

Our pool building professionals will work closely with you to help find the best model for your backyard and will help you secure pool financing if needed. We have established relationships with different local vendors to ensure our customers have options when it comes to financing their backyard dream. 

Mid-summer also presents itself as the best time to build. The heat has dried out the ground making it perfect for pool installations to happen quickly and without issue. While Mother Nature may bring a rain shower to two, taking advantage of the dry weather this time of year gives you more time to enjoy swimming rather than waiting for the ground to dry out. 

Your Brentwood Pool Building Experts

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space, give the pool building experts at Pool & Spa Depot a call today. We have many different pool options available for all budgets and needs, and our professional pool builders will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure we not only meet your needs but far exceed your expectations. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life and help you secure the pool of your dreams! 

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